Being pregnant is an amazing experience for the mother to be and her family. However, it can be quite daunting! 
We spoke to a midwife thats worked in multiple countries across the globe for her top tips for expectant mothers!!

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“Read, re read and remember these key things. 

Not only will they make it easier for you to give birth, it’ll make the experience more enjoyable for you. 

Every woman should know these 6 things before going into labour!

Keep them in mind, repeat them to yourself like a mantra and enjoy every moment of this incredibly journey that your on! You’ll SMASH it!”


  1. They don’t call it labour for nothing!


For your body, giving birth is essentially running a marathon, so you need to fuel it in the same way.
What a lot of women don’t realise is . . . 

 ...your allowed to take your own food and drink in to the hospital!  ( Side point - you can also take your own food and drink in to the cinema too! Who knew?).

Top Tip: Pack your favourite snacks and isotonic drinks if you fancy! Don’t be stuck with hospital cafe food and vending machine snacks! YOUR GIVING BIRTH, you deserve the sustenance you want to see you through. You are starting on your potentially long but wonderful journey of childbirth, stock up and you’ll smash it! 

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  1. Giving birth is an intimate and sacred event.

    It’s not new news that giving birth is a magical experience, not just for the mother but for everyone who is there to witness it. Midwives do their jobs because they love being a part of that journey and being able to help you every step of the way. It’s an amazingly rewarding job and an honour to be present for each and every birth. 


Top Tip: Choose your birthing partner and who you invite in to the room carefully. They need to give you moral and emotional support, keep you upbeat and entertained whilst understand that you might be emotionally and physically drained. . . . more importantly they also need to forgive you when you break their hand and scream at them naked! ( because trust me it’ll happen)!

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  1. Most people poop . . . a lot   #WE LOVE IT!

People say it time and time again “What if I poop”. . . Our reply “SO WHAT!”

Never be afraid that you’ll accidentally slip out a poop while giving birth. It’s completely natural and more common that you’d think! It can also happen MORE than once!

Midwives get ridiculously excited by your bodily fluids . . . it means the babies coming and we can’t wait to see their little fingers and toes! Relax and don’t worry, because we don’t!


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  1. You are a strong, independent, empowered woman!

Do your research and have your birthing preferences. Understand the different pain medications and options that are available to you. The more informed you are, the less unknown there is, hopefully the more you can relax. It helps some women to make a full birthing plan of how they would want the birth to go ideally. However, the key thing to remember is …


Top Tip: Go with the flow and be kind to yourself!


Labour and birthing is unpredictable and quite often out of your control. Regardless of if you’ve dreamed and planned of a water birth or a C- section, if it changes, it changes. Accept it. The changes that may need to happen given during your labour will be specific to your situation, not your friends . . .  not your aunties . . . yours!

Each and every labour is different, so don’t compare your journey and what you are doing to other people.

You are doing something amazing and bringing life into the world. Regardless of what changes during birth, what you are doing is incredible. So keep that in mind if things don’t go to plan, and you’ll be able to relax a lot more. 


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  1. Diamonds are a . . . new mothers best friend?

    Giving birth is an incredible thing to do, an amazing journey of bringing life into this world after 9 months of nurturing inside you…


Top Tip: If you happen to have your eye on an expensive gift that you’ve been fancying a while, ask your birthing partner after you’ve given birth!

Diamonds will be nothing compared to what he’s witnessed you do . . so think big! 

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  1. Haters will Hate!

People love to share their opinion, their story and their experience. 9 times out of 10 that’s fantastic and really helpful to get someone elses opinion on a similar experience! 

However . . .

Top Tip: Avoid reading negative birthing stories. Whether it’s in the news or a relative trying to prepare you for “the worst”. Everyone is different, every experience is different and everyone's reactions are different. Your body is designed for this, you were literally made to be able to do this, and you can do this . . .  so be positive and ROCK IT!



"Birth takes a woman's deepest fears about herself and shows her than she is stronger than them." - Unknown