Breast or Bottle?

Breast or Bottle? 1

One of the many questions expectant mothers ask themselves time and time again. Should I breastfeed or bottle feed. Everyone has their own opinion on which is best for the mother and which is best for the baby.

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According to more than 73% of UK mothers start breastfeeding . . . 


But that doesn't mean it’s right for everyone.


Weighing up the pros of breast and bottle can be difficult . . . and let’s face it you probably won’t fully make up your mind until the babies born!  As published by the NHS UK, here’s a run through of some pros for each from super credible sources to help you make up your mind!



  • Breast milk is perfectly designed for your baby - To be fair ladies, our bodies are incredible and we produce exactly what our little ones needs . . . without any effort!


  • Breast milk is available for your baby whenever your baby needs it No midnight trips to the kitchen to sanitise a bottle!


  • Breastfeeding can build a strong emotional bond between you and your baby. published some excellent points about bottle feeding pros!



  • Convenience, either parent can feed the baby a bottle at any time - some mums may have to work, have other children to look after and in general have busy, busy lives! An extra hand a feeding time can ease the pressure a lot!


  • Flexibility, once the bottles are made, a formula-feeding mother can leave her baby with a partner or caregiver and know that her little one’s feedings are taken care of.


  • Time and frequency of feeding, formula is less digestible than breast milk, formula-fed babies usually need to eat less often. Less time feeding, more time cuddling, sleeping, and being free to get on with life's other daily tasks.


Either way you look at it, I think it’s safe to say, as long as your baby is fed, loved and looked after, your doing the right thing. People prefer different ways of feeding for what suits them, and it’s wrong for us to judge other people based on their decisions.

We spoke to first time new mum Abie about her take on breast or bottle:

Breastfeeding is tough! Your little one relies solely on you and it can be very demanding. Luckily my daughter will take breast and bottle giving me some much needed rest when she is demanding feeding. I love breastfeeding, there are so any benefits such as bonding and giving your baby all of your antibodies and nutrients. But don’t beat yourself up about it if you can’t do it. Fed is Best!

Breast or bottle . . . does it matter . . . is one significantly better? Just treasure every moment with your little one before they grow up. They change so quickly, especially between newborn and their 1st birthday.

Savour every moment and remember, each new life is a tiny miracle, capture the moment before it’s gone.