Don’t Miss The Moments That Matter . . .

Don't Miss The Moments That Matter . . . 1

Don't miss the moments that matter . . . . but how do you know which moments will matter the most?!

Every day your body is changing. Your little bean is growing and soon they will arrive in to this big wide world of ours . . . but how do you make sure you capture all the key moments?

Take 20 - 30 photos every day? every week? every month? every year?

We are all guilty of taking thousands of pictures to get "the perfect shot". . . but how will you know which milestones you'll want to remember in years to come? What milestone photos will you look back on to remember that incredible feeling you had when your little one was still small...


Below is everything you need to know about capturing those key moments during your little ones first year!

When Baby Art recommends taking mile stone photos and how!

Your Beautiful Bump


Lots of women fear a bump photos. Your body has changed to something unrecognisable . . . but it’s beautiful. You are growing a new life! Celebrate your body and embrace all the wonderful changes that are happening, because once your little ones is here and growing up . . . you’ll miss them being a part of you.
Beautiful images freezing your final weeks of being pregnant and celebrating how far you’ve come and how amazingly you’ve done to create a human being!

Baby Art recommend taking bump photos at 32 + weeks pregnant to full capture how magnificent you look! Don’t be afraid to bare all, you’ll thank yourself for your bravery when you're able to look back and remind yourself how amazing you were!



When your little one first arrives it’s hard to not take thousands of photos of them! Each and every stretch and movement is new and exciting and you’ll want to capture it all!
Little outfits and unique posing makes these images special to you!

Make these personalised to you so you can link your whole little family in one beautiful image!

Baby Art recommend taking the majority of "newborn" photos before your little one is 21 days old! This ensures you capture how truly tiny and precious they are!

Your baby is still very fragile so be extremely careful when posing your child if you are not a trained professional. When it doubt, visit a newborn photography specialist, because you can’t put a price on a child's safety! 

Little Sitters


Some argue the most adorable age! Developing their own little personality and letting it shine through! Your little one will be holding their own head and be able to sit up unaided! Suddenly your open to a plethora of new poses and ideas! Funny poses, cute outfits and adorable little smiles!!!!

Baby Art recommends your little one being 6 months ish ( providing they can sit unaided, this happens at different times for different babies)!

Your outfit choice is wider, your scene selection greater . . . these are moments you’ll want to remember forever! The older they get, the harder it is to get these fantastic shots (teenagers tend to protest to being dressed up in frilly outfits or cute animal hats) so make the most of it while you can!

Smash The Cake! - Your Little Ones 1st Birthday!


It’s a classic. A whole year ago you delivered the precious bundle of joy into the world and now they are here to celebrate this with you for the first time!

A beautiful personalised cake, a happy hungry one year old, lighting and cameras at the ready, its clear to see the photos will be incredible!

Clothing can be washed, babies can be bathed, walls and floors can be cleaned, let the little one run riot and destroy their first birthday cake in style!! (Although cleaning the aftermath is a mission . . . it's worth it!)

Baby Art recommends getting a big personalised cake with wonderfully soft and brightly coloured butter cream for amazing images!