Newborn Photography Franchise

Join our mission to become the World's Number 1 Newborn Photography Business with the industries best rated customer reviews & happy studio owners with 6 figure earnings!


What you get ?

  • Guaranteed Return On Investment
  • Proven 6-Figure Business Model
  • Done for you marketing and client booking
  • Full product training and ongoing mentoring
  • Being part of an outstanding support network full of passionate like-minded people!
  • Multi-Studio & International Opportunities

You will ...

  • Have a strong desire to own and run your own successful business.
  • Have a passion for photography and delivering exceptional customer journey
  • Be dedicated to success, driving your business with enthusiasm and determination.

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Why a Franchising?

  • Choose to have the freedom of deciding your working hours whilst turning a 6 figure income!
  • Empower yourself with the independence of being a business owner whilst being supported by a larger company.
  • Develop your skills and learn new ones! No prior experience is needed.
  • Join our community and be a part of something bigger.
  • Reassure yourself knowing that our products and services are proven to work.

We have taken the pain out of running a photography business by taking care of the things most photographers find challenging.

Our goal is to help Studio Owners Earn 6-figure incomes through our guaranteed marketing & client booking service.

All you need to do is look after your customer! (We even help you with that).

Baby Art’s support network is second to none.

We aren’t just an incredibly successful company, we are a family. Each and every one of our studios and team at HQ work together to ensure we all succeed. We celebrate our successes and pull together as a team to overcome any obstacles put in our way.

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process, Working together is success.”

Starting with an intensive 5 Day Training Programme you will learn how to run your business and deliver results customers love. Following Franchisee Training you will join the 12 Week Launch Academy and followup with weekly mentoring calls.

On top of this training and personal support you will attend our annual Summit where top performing franchises share best practices and we roll out new developments to our business.

From studio setup, business admin, customer service and of course photography and editing, you will be trained to the highest level before launching your studio.  On top, you will have expert help to be able to grow though ongoing mentoring and support.

To get our new studios started, we run a Baby Art exclusive 5 day expert training on the key topics that make or break a business. We ensure you have all the knowledge, practise and tools to get you started on your new adventure with us.

Training and development tools are provided and regularly updated to ensure you get the best out of your Baby Art studio. Photography trends can change quickly and it’s key to be “ahead of the game”. We do all of the research and product testing and developing for you, ensuring that each new product goes down a storm!

Baby Art studios work to a very high standard and for us, newborn safety is paramount. We ensure all of our photographers receive one on one newborn baby training and have achieved the Baby Art Newborn Safety Certificate before launching their studios.

We dedicate time throughout the year to regularly re-train and coach our franchises to ensure they can grow and consistently achieve and exceed their potential.


Through passion, hard work and determination, Baby Art have formulated a tried and tested business model that is proven to achieve astronomical results throughout the UK, sending our studios average sales figures through the roof! Our studios take home 6 figure incomes because our business model work . . . outstandingly well!

Each new product we introduce is carefully evaluated and proven at HQ before it is rolled out with full training to our studios. This ensures that with each new addition our studios are guaranteed to go from strength to strength, pushing the concept of a ‘photographer’ further than ever before!

Gone are your days of trial and error!

Gone are your days of hoping and praying that the next concept works.

Gone are your days of wishing for hindsight!

We design, create, trial, perfect and prove all of our products, services and concepts before introducing them to our studios, ensuring your success . . . every time!

Although Baby Art was established in 2016 we only started Franchising properly in 2019.  It is no exaggeration to say the business performs better than we could have possible imagined!

I have seen this before.  I worked in a Franchise that started with nothing & grew to a 1000 locations in ten years.  Baby feels different! It is growing much faster!

BabyArt.Studio Co-Founder Chris Gibbons

This is a life changing business opportunity that you can use to build a solid income and work life balance or become a multi-millionaire (we make no promises, but can show you people on their way).

Franchise Application Process

Join our mission to become the World's Number 1 Newborn Photography Business with the industries best rated customer reviews & happy studio owners with 6 figure earnings!

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  • Jul 21, 2019

    1. Register your interest

    • Watch our short video presentation about Baby Art and some of our team.
    • Complete the interest form afterwards and eagerly await Hannahs call (she’s awesome)!
  • Jul 21, 2019

    2. Discovery Call

    • We’re keen to find out more about you and we’re sure you’ll want to know more about us! Hannah will give you a quick call to introduce herself and we can get to know each other a bit better! 
    • If all goes well ( you like us and we like you) and we both agree it makes sense to continue, Hannah will explain all of the next steps.
  • Jul 21, 2019

    3. NDA and Due Diligence Deposit

    • We ask that you sign an NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement = a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that they have shared with each other as a necessary part of doing business together.
      We’re passionate about our business and can’t wait to share with you all of the things that make it amazing. However, we need to protect our hard work and business plan with an NDA.
    •  Small refundable due diligence deposit. The deposit is simply there to weed out applicants who are “shopping around” as opposed to those who are seriously interested in becoming a Baby Art franchise.
  • Jul 21, 2019

    4. Tool Box Tour

    • The Tool Box tour is where we open up our business systems for you to get a detailed look at how we do things at Baby Art HQ, and throughout our franchises.
    • These will cover everything from our finances and projections to our booking system and inner workings.
  • Jul 21, 2019

    5. Final Agreement

    • Finally, if you want to proceed, you’ll sign your Franchise Agreement, and pay the franchise and training fee. 
  • Jul 21, 2019

    6. Existing Franchises

    • Meet our delightful team and ask them . . . literally anything. Get to know them and find out from an existing franchisee what it is like being a part of Baby Art.
    • Pre Training Programme

      • Start on our pre training programme and your first steps to success!

      Book Your Training

      • Register for Baby Art exclusive 5-day training
      • One to One Newborn Training - To Achieve your Baby Art Newborn Safety Certificate

      Celebrate your launch 

      • Get ready to start the first day of the rest of your life