Post Lockdown Procedure

The UK government recommendations now allow Baby Art Studios to reopen!!!

The entire team have been working hard studying the potential issues and implications of opening. After consulting with local authorities, we can confirm our operations plans have been given the OK!

Capturing newborn artwork is a once in a lifetime opportunity and our inbox is full with people ready to book. Below outlines our post-lockdown operations plans...


Post Lockdown Promise


  • Baby Art photographers check their temperature before any customer visits.

  • Every Baby Art Studio will complete a COVID-19 Infection prevention, identification and control training course.
  • Baby Art photographers wear face masks when working with you and your baby.

  • All guests will be directed to sanitise their hands upon entering at one of our dedicated sanitising stations.

  • We will offer you a face mask upon arrival. (bringing your own face mask helps minimise a non recyclable waste at the studio).

  • Every Baby Art Studio is sanitised with medical grade products before you arrive. This includes all door handles, reception rooms, photo shoot room, viewing room... everything!

  • All pre-packaged drinks and food containers that we have purchased before bringing them into our fridges,.

  • We are socially distancing where possible and following all of the government guidelines.

  • We will not be around, or come into contact with anyone showing possible symptoms.

  • We will cancel your shoot in the event any of our family or members of staff have shown ANY COVID symptoms.

Baby Art Studios are sanitised and safe spaces to work with newborn babies.  Having studied media reports, raw data & government recommendations we are more than confident that opening is the right thing to do.

We understand how special your new baby is/will be to you and we also understand capturing these precious once in a lifetime moments are also super special.

Your Post Lockdown Promise to us

Safety is never one person's job or responsibility.  Which is why we are asking a few small things from each of our families, to ensure everyone stays safe.


If your answer is “YES” to any of the below, please let us know before your shoot ASAP.


  • Are you against having your temperature checked upon arrival?

  • Do you have any symptoms of COVID 19?

  • Have you been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of COVID 19?

  • Have you been in a ‘non-household gathering’ of +5 people without wearing a mask in the last 2 weeks?


We are in very strange times but we want to make sure your time with us is magical, special and most of all safe.


We can’t wait to see you soon xxx