Baby Arts wonderful Finance Director Amy Beck shares her thought process for having a home birth for her second bundle of joy!

Home Birth - 1

So... I was one of those lucky ones I know you all hate... relatively quick first labour, no pain relief (I left it too late to get to hospital so even showing me how to use gas and air was taking too much time!) and only a winnie baby, at 6lb2, to pop out.

Like most first timers, we diligently went to NCT classes. I found them a bit wishy washy for me but I did take a way a few pointers - mostly stay at home for as long as possible - you will be more comfortable if you're in your own environment, can move around freely, shower etc etc etc and the hospital will only send you home if you are not far enough along. So that's what I did and not having a clue what I was doing, but feeling as best as I could for being through all stages and then the latter part of labour at home, we didn't make the decision to go until the (what we now know to be!) last hour of labour. We nearly didn't make it...

So... here I am 6 months pregnant with bubba 2.0 and my overriding memory of the last time round was the car journey... THATcar journey. Having left it so late the car journey, the parking, then dropping to my knees whilst walking to the maternity unit -via two lifts no less - was the worse part of the whole shubang. I know now how much better it could of been if I had just stayed at home. I was, and am again, very low risk, a little more experienced (!) and maybe just as naive as before to feel really positive about a home birth. My main concern this time is that I won't make it otherwise and end up having him in the KFC car park two doors down from the hospital and him having to put up with a nickname of 'the Colonel' all his life.

In the hospital after having my daughter and no meds I was super ready to get home ASAP - a ward with 6 others is no place to really get any rest, waiting for the shared loo to be free and getting changed behind a sheer curtain is part of the parcel in hospital (all of which you care very little about as you are too busy staring at this perfect bundle of joy you created).

I do have some concerns, obviously if something goes wrong then I have been assured that a quick ambulance ride later I'd be top of the list to be cared for in a hospital that is less than 8 miles away and that I have an experienced midwife (that I quite like which helps) with me, most likely at an earlier point then I did the last time round. My other worry is the mess... labour is a messy business and I run a tight ship so not looking forward to that!

Home Birth - 2

I'm not a barefoot and everything natural type, I just took from those classes and now with one labour under my belt that given similar circumstances I can do it (you GOT THIS, high fives all round) at home and be at home straight away afterwards, in my own bed, with my own cup of tea in my own mug, with my very own little baby boy.


**please note, I am deemed low risk - always seek medical advice first**